Lebanon is a small country located in the middle east, and its bordered by 2 countries and the Mediterranean sea. Giving access to South European countries through the sea and North African countries. Its flag has the colors red,green and white, represented by a cedar in the middle. The red in the flag is the symbol of pride representing the color of blood for the soldiers who sacrificed their souls to the country. The White is a symbol of purity, and it represents the snow on the top of the mountains. The area of Lebanon is 10452. The official languages in Lebanon are Arabic and French and its pound is the "Lira" (LBP). The independence of Lebanon has been in 23 November 1943. In this country we can find four seasons: autumn, winter, spring and summer which the temperature is very low in winter and very high in summer.Giving an advantage of the small country with different seasons, people can go skying in the morning and after noon go to swim, because the mountains meet the sea with a very short driving distance. In Lebanon we can find many prominent figures like "Fairuz", "Gibran Khalil Gibran", "Sabah", "Hassan Kamel Al Sabbah". Due to a huge immigration from lebanon, Lebanese people can be found in many countries around the world like Canada, Columbia, Africa, Brazil, United States, United Arab Of Emirates, and other countries. The education level in Lebanon is very advanced and we can easily find many universities like AUB, LAU, USJ, Lebanese University, and others.